Entity is the first in a new series of work from artists Tom Musgrove and Simon Bray as part of their ongoing project, 'The Edges Of These Isles'. Based upon the collaboration established within the journeys and creative process of the first part of the project, both artists have created a new piece of work, this time in response to a piece of music, titled, 'Entity', composed by American musicians Mark T. Smith and Matthew Cooper as part of their project, Inventions.

'Entity' by Tom Musgrove

'Entity' by Tom Musgrove


'Entity' by Simon Bray


"I begun by spending time with the music away from any visual stimulus. I began to note down the sounds and movements within the music and started to consider how I might be able to form a response to using them to craft visual ideas. I was drawn to using video in order to reflect the narrative of the music, although being a medium that I'd not worked with before, it required plenty of experimentation in order to adequately represent the visual ideas I had in my mind."

"I spent a week in the Newlands Valley, Lake District, exploring the peaks and valleys in order to capture both the beauty of the area, but also it's almost threatening atmosphere and industrial past within the piece."



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